Dirigent Acoustics LLC is an SME founded in 2007. The company performs services in the domain of acoustics, such as in acoustic design and management, with strong experience in noise measurement and control. In addition, the company strategy has a strong R&D component, with emphasis on novel high-tech solutions to societal issues that concern acoustics.

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Dirigent Acoustics employs three engineers with master’s degrees in technical acoustics, one architectural engineer, one graduated administration officer and two interns. In March 2016 Dirigent Acoustics has established an Information Security Management System that is in conformance with ISO 27001:2013 and Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 both in research and development of systems, devices and software, production and sales of systems, devices and software, development of strategies, studies, plans and projects, measurement, testing and monitoring in acoustics and audio technology. Employees of Dirigent Acoustics (6) are intensively engaged in research and development in the field of new materials, technologies, software, as well as in applications of nanomaterials and nanotechnology in acoustics. Dirigent Acoustics continuously improves and successfully presents its achievements on the world stage of science and technology (international journals and conferences). Dirigent Acoustics is a regional distributor for SoundPLAN LLC USA and Stage Tec GmbH Germany, and we cooperate with the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (ICTM), the regional KNAUF Group and many other companies in the region.


Dirigent Acoustics LLC has 12 years of experience in acoustics (noise control, audio system design, and room acoustics), having implemented more than 200 projects in 18 countries worldwide. We have participated and are currently participating in numerous technological R&D projects and have also established ourselves as regional leaders on the acoustic monitoring and noise abatement market. Our engineers have skills in acoustic device and software development, in using the most advanced acoustic software and hardware in every day work, project planning, realization and delivery, planning and gathering large teams for big projects and inducing new ideas for real-world solutions. Dirigent Acoustics is growing into a leading company for acoustic and audio in the region, also becoming a well-known brand in acoustics, noise control and audio technologies. Dirigent Acoustics executed the region’s biggest noise action plans (834km) and noise mapping project (575km) of major roads in Serbia, noise control projects for major industrial noise sources in the region: the largest oil refinery Gazprom Neft - NIS, more than 10 in-city located heating plants, developed commercial software for sound insulation, held a number of education seminars in acoustics etc. Dirigent Acoustics led a consortium who developed an acoustic goniometer (SANSIC) – the device was designed and developed from scratch. SANSIC won the “Step into the Future” Award at the 59th Belgrade Technical Fair (2015). The company also developed the world’s first graphene microphone in collaboration with the Institute of Physics in Belgrade and its MEMS version is under development in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, supported by the Serbian Innovation Fund and World Bank Group. The outcome of that project was a high impact scientific publication that received worldwide media attention and a new type of acoustic sensor tested in the lab. Know-how gained during the above projects formed the basis of the ongoing project GRAMACA – drone surveying of acoustic noise sources and implementing in geographic information system (GIS).

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When it is necessary, Dirigent Acoustics engage more professionals. Our address book contains a list of partner institutes/companies and a number of PhD's, MSc's, BSc's and experienced technicians who are ready to tackle with the most complex tasks in acoustics, audio and noise control, advanced programming, video system design, mechanical design, architectural design etc.