If the acoustical design (in terms of room acoustics) is an issue, we are ready to use all our experience, creativity and wisdom to help you find the best solution. Acoustical quality of the most demanding requirements is not an insurmountable obstacle for us. Every interior should exhibit good room acoustics as well as good lighting and temperature conditions, good smell or nice feel of the materials when touched. To achieve all of this, the appropriate design should be applied. This is a matter of criteria, good sense and experience that we know, feel and have.


To predict such a complex field, as the sound field in room is, we are using the most advanced tools for modelling. EASE software is one of the best, not only for the room acoustics, but also for the sound system design. When we reach the fair limits of the EASE, we are developing our own modelling algorithms to find the solution. There is no term “impossible” in our vocabulary.



Acoustical quality is the matter of the subjective listening experience. It is the matter of taste. But, to objectively prove the design and engineering of the room acoustics or sound system, only way is to perform the acoustical measurements with dedicated equipment. During years, we have raised our skills in acoustical measurement to the highest level. We measure all known parameters of room acoustics and loudspeakers response in rooms.


A E.1.14


To start the revision of the room acoustics design, sometimes it is necessary to get the information about the existing situation. That is why we start (and end) every revision of room acoustics with acoustical measurements.