Dirigent Acoustics’ vision is to be the first choice and long-term business partner to our customers, driven by high performance, innovation, integrity and customer focus. To that end, we take much pride in our measurements department. With our projects ranging from noise control and sound insulation to room acoustics, we strive to excel in our field work. 

With variety of our self-designed and self-made equipment such as acoustic goniometer, omnidirectional speaker, amplifiers etc., with according software, as well as state of the art Brüel & Kjaer handheld sound level meters our engineers are at the cutting edge of innovative field measuring, combined with the unmatched experience and expertise. 

For us, there is no such thing as a task too small or too big. Our projects range from sound insulation and noise control measurements of various cafes, apartments, schools, etc., to building and hotel complexes such as Belgrade Waterfront and Luštica Bay, as well as HBIS Group Serbia Iron and Steel Factory among others. Our in-depth measurements of room acoustics range from variety of smaller music studios to those of the new building of Radio Television of Vojvodina and the Concert Hall of School of Music’s new building in Novi Sad.