The first TAKTONS conference took place in Novi Sad in 2011 and was founded by the AES Serbian Section, the FTN Faculty of Technical Sciences, Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV), and Dirigent Acoustics LLC. TAKTONS is a biannual international conference is a scientific-professional event primarily aimed at AV professionals, that was last held in 2019.

The participants of the conference can attend a combined professional audio event (a recording competition and professional audio exhibition), that is traditionally organized at the FTN Faculty of Technical Sciences and the nearby Novi Sad Radio Station building. The TAKTONS recording competition is generally the central event of the conference, that covers multiple categories of recordings (Jazz, Popular Music, Classical, etc., with or without an audience), with a jury made up of sound recording professionals mostly from the audio and audio-visual industry. The attendees and participants are nationally diverse, primarily from Serbia and the region (Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

All additional information and an overview of the past events can be found on the Taktons website at