Dirigent Acoustics is an exclusive distributor and partner of SoundPLAN in Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. Conductor Acoustics, as the leading sound protection company in the region, also develops specialized acoustics and sound protection software.




SoundPLAN® is one of the first noise and noise modeling software to appear in the market in 1986. Thanks to the fact that thanks to its quality, ease of interface and reliability, SoundPLAN has become very popular all over the world, with the international headquarters established in 1999. The software serves experts in the field of noise and noise protection in the living and working environment, in order to, based on standardized sound propagation models, produce a sound propagation budget in the living and working environment. The sound extends through the environment in accordance with the laws of physics, from various sources (points, line, surface and specific geometry) over a terrain that has its own characteristics, reflects from the surface, partially absorbs and arrives at each point in the space. This, by no means simple propagating sound through a space filled with objects, is a constant subject of analysis by acoustics experts around the world. The complexity of the problem determines the application of algorithmic models and all standardized models SoundPLAN implement in their own way in the most efficient and most affordable manner. Due to its high reliability and best interface, SoundPLAN is popular among users around the world.




 Knauf Sound Insulation

Knauf Sound Insulation (KSI) was developed initially in cooperation with KnaufInsulation and Knauf in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Currently, the program is being developed for the needs of the Greek market, and negotiations are underway to implement the Knauf Sound Insulation program for the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro and Albania. Knauf Sound Insulation is a program entirely based on standards, calculation algorithms are compliant with the EN12354 series of standards, the sound insulation rating is in accordance with the ISO 717 series of standards, and the criteria are in all aligned with local regulations. The program is intuitive and user oriented and is very suitable for both acoustic consultants and designers who first meet with this problem. For this reason, the Knauf Sound Insulation program also has a sound insulation module, which aims to bring sound effects to ordinary people. The Knauf Sound Insulation program is free of charge in the basic version, and the library of assemblies and materials is constantly increasing and currently has about 300 materials and constructions of walls, facades, floor structures, wall covering, floating floors, doors and windows.


The current software version is 1.1 and it is possible to download by clicking on the image of the main screen of the Knauf Sound Insulation program.