Serbian Broadcasting Corporation Interview on Noise Mitigation Solutions

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Serbian Broadcasting Corporation Interview on Noise Mitigation Solutions

In our ongoing commitment to enhance citizens' acoustic comfort in urban environments, we were honoured to welcome journalist Slavica Gligorović for an insightful visit to Dirigent Acoustics at the Science Technology Park Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd.

During the interview, Slavica delved into the core of our acoustic expertise, inquiring about the cutting-edge solutions we offer in our projects. We took pride in showcasing some of our finest endeavours where we utilised the best available toolset:

📈 The most advanced and comprehensive noise calculation SoundPLAN GmbH software.

🔧 State-of-the-art noise and vibration measurement solutions from SVANTEK, ensuring precision, accuracy and reliability.

🏗️ A groundbreaking approach to noise barrier technology by 4Silence, reshaping conventional noise control solutions.

💡 Our pioneering innovation through collaborations with BorderUAS, Graphene Flagship, and the Innovation Fund in Serbia.

At Dirigent Acoustics, all those effective noise control and monitoring solutions are integral to fostering a peaceful and harmonious urban soundscape. By leveraging the latest technologies and partnering with leading research initiatives, we continue to drive noise and vibration management advancements.