The art of silence

The art of silence

Noise mitigation projects in dense urban area with dozens of significant industrial noise sources?

No problem, Dirigent Acoustics is doing it regularly, using the best tool available in the world, the SoundPLAN GmbH SoundPLAN software.

We always start by collecting the data, measuring the noise levels, sound power, directivity and time histogram of each noise source. And each heating plant has dozens of them! Geospatial data for 3D modelling was collected by senseFly eBee by Prof. Tosa Ph.D. Ninkov's crew.

And of course, as always the brilliant performance of SoundPLAN. Our skilful "artists" Milica Raicković, Tamara Vuković and Dejan Todorović used this magic tool to calculate every single inch of the ground and every window in the neighbourhood.

We finally brought peace and silence to the people of Belgrade and Novi Sad living next to the heating plants of our clients JKP Beogradske Elektrane (Belgrade heating plants) and Public Utility Company "Novosadska toplana".