SoundPLAN®  is one of the first noise modeling software to appear on the market in 1986. Thanks to its quality, user-friendly interface, and reliability SoundPLAN® has become very popular worldwide, leading the noise pollution planning and mapping software industry for over 30 years.  This software is ideal for engineers working in the fields of noise planning, noise in the workplace, noise mapping, and as part of general environmental assessment studies. It is a crucial tool used to tackle environmental noise, helping to protect people and places. It can be used to identify the cause, location, and propagation of sound, and can show not only current noise levels but also projected ones. Noise emitted by various sources propagates and disperses over a given terrain in accordance with the laws of physics. Determining and showcasing how sound spreads through a space that is filled with objects is a complex issue. With the help of SoundPLAN, the numerical and graphical presentations are made easy for the experts to handle and to the public, the data is easier to comprehend.

Dirigent Acoustics LLC also offers training sessions for SoundPLANessential and SoundPLANnoise.