13 Railway Stations on the Novi Beograd to Petrovaradin route


Project name: 13 Railway Stations on the Novi Beograd to Petrovaradin route
Project Type: Measurements
Location & year:Belgrade, Serbia, 2022

The section of the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway is part of the international high-speed railway that connects Belgrade and Budapest. The reconstruction of the railway will cut the travel time between the two capital cities in half, with the railway designed for a maximum speed of 200 km/h.
There are 12 stops planned on the section from Belgrade to Novi Sad. All stations must meet the conditions in accordance with the European Commission Directive 2016/797/EC (European Interoperability Directive 2016/797/EC), which is checked before putting the section into operation. One of the basic requirements is the minimum intelligibility of voice messages broadcast through the public address system.
The contractor hired Dirigent Acoustics for the purposes of checking the compliance of the public address system with the requirements of the IEC 60268-16:2020 standard, and all procedures and reports were approved by the certification body. Extensive measurements were made at all stops and reports were submitted and adopted by the general contractor and the certification body.