Project Name: BHRT
Project Type: Audio
Location & year: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020

Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an independent state-level public broadcaster that produces and broadcasts national and international radio and television programs for the public. The two TV studios C and D in the capital Sarajevo were equipped with Stage Tec AVATUS mixing consoles and a NEXUS audio network. Dirigent Acoustics team was responsible for the planning, design, technical training, and installation of the systems in Studio C and Studio D at BHRT.
Dirigent Acoustics team together with Stage Tec engineers designed two identical AoIP (Audio over IP) systems with outstanding redundancy.
Each studio uses a 24-fader AVATUS and a 12-fader AVATUS together working as 36 fader console with the same project. The broadcaster attached great importance to the redundancy so both 24-fader AVATUS and a 12-fader AVATUS can continue working as standalone console in case of failure.
For this purpose, some mixer channels that are located in parallel on the surface of the 24-fader console are housed on different layers in the 12-fader console.
AVATUS and NEXUS offer complete integration between mixing console, I/O network, and control functions.
As system is IP based, each display and fader encoder unit of the modular AVATUS has its own IP address, allowing them to work together as remote units at different locations in the network.
The high audio quality of the mixing console is uncompromising from the input through all processing stages to the output. Patented TrueMatch® technology delivers unique common-mode rejection, and the absence of analog preamplification eliminates noise.

Installation of the system was particularly time-sensitive. For the upcoming local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the station's existing mixing console had to be switched off and the new Stage Tec equipment had to be put into operation immediately.
As expected, transition went smoothly.