Luštica Bay resort with Chedi Hotel


Project name: Luštica Bay resort with Chedi Hotel
Project Type: Sound Insulation, Noise Control, Measurements
Location & year: Luštica Peninsula, Montenegro, 2019

Luštica Bay is a tourist resort in the Tivat municipality in Montenegro. The construction of the complex began in 2015 and now it encompasses a wide range of different facilities and accommodation types. Through the project the main focus was on the Chedi Hotel (built in 2018) and its outdoor mechanical equipment, located primarily on the roof of the building. This noise source affected the majority of the holiday resort and tourist accommodation buildings.

In order to mitigate the noise levels, measures were proposed that included the inclusion of a noise protective barrier on the roof of the hotel where the mechanical equipment is located. The configuration and disposition of the noise barrier structure was simulated in SoundPlan 8.1 and showed to be the most effective solution for such an intricate problem. The construction of the noise mitigation barrier was overseen in its entirety by our team.

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