Project Name: Montrose
Project Type: Sound Insulation, Noise Control, Room Acoustics
Location & year: Montenegro, 2020

Montrose is the new tourist resort located in the Herceg Novi municipality in Montenegro. Within the first phase of development, the project encompassed a detailed study and elaboration of the following buildings within the complex: the Ritz-Carlton Hotel with stand-alone units, branded residences, villas, and accompanying tourist facilities such as restaurants.  The scope of work meant that each planned building had to be dealt with individually through Sound Insulation, Noise Control, and Acoustic Design Projects, on the level and scale that appropriately correspond with their particular usage. Through the project, the impact of noise outside the buildings was analyzed and different mitigation measures that would minimize environmental noise were introduced, as well as the effects of indoor noise for each treated unit and rooms within them, offering optimal sound insulation solutions for the proposed structural systems. Spaces with specific acoustic needs were also encompassed through the project, being individually assessed, and acoustically optimized in order to give the best possible performance that corresponds with their specific usage.

Noise Control Room Acoustics Sound Insulation