Music and Ballet School “Isidor Bajić”


Project name: Music and Ballet School “Isidor Bajić”
Project Type: Room Acoustics, Sound Insulation, Measurements
Location & year: Novi Sad, Serbia, 2015/2019

The project for the new Music and Ballet School in Novi Sad began in 2015. The building is located on the Car Lazar Boulevard, in the area between Šekspirova and Balzakova Streets. The school has four levels and around 15.000 square meters of usable space. The Main Concert Hall located within the building has 395 seats, making it the biggest and the only one of its kind in the city of Novi Sad. The school also has three additional performance halls meant for public classes. The Main Concert Hall is planned to be used for external concerts and events.

The project for the school encompassed the preliminary and final design projects, as well as oversight during the building process. The project dealt with sound insulation for the entire building, and the complete acoustic design of the Main Concert Hall and the smaller performance halls, as well as all the classrooms where additional acoustic treatment was needed. Acoustic measurements were also undertaken in order to ensure the best acoustic quality of the spaces, where special care was given to the Main Concert Hall.

Measurements Room Acoustics Sound Insulation