Nikola Tesla Airport New Terminal Building


Project name: Nikola Tesla Airport New Terminal Building
Project Type: Sound Insulation, Noise Control, Room Acoustics, Measurements
Location & year:Belgrade, Serbia, 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Dirigent Acoustics has participated in different design phases of the Expansion and Reconstruction of Nikola Tesla Airport New Terminal Building Project, conducting acoustic measurements and studies as part of it. In 2019 Noise Measurements were conducted inside and outside of the existing terminal building, after which a detailed Noise Measurement Report was composed. The following year the Sound Protection and Room Acoustics Study was conducted and it analysed the existing and planned conditions of the terminal building, analysing the noise levels, sound insulation, and room acoustics proposing mitigation measures and solutions where the adopted criteria were not met. In 2021 the Room Acoustics and PA System Intelligibility Report for the next design step of the reconstruction and expansion project of the airport terminal building was done, analysing the acoustic conditions and the planned PA System in detail.

Measurements Noise Control Room Acoustics Sound Insulation