Noise Action Plans for Major Roads in Serbia


Project name: Noise Action Plans for Major Roads in Serbia
Project Type: Noise Control
Location & year:Serbia, 2018

In 2018, Dirigent Acoustics made the first Noise Action Plans for Major Roads in Serbia. This strategic document is aimed towards reducing and controlling environmental noise levels, all as per the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Serbia that were adopted after the adoption and in accordance with the 2002/49/EC Directive, also known as the Environmental Noise Directive (END), of the European Commission.

The Action Plans covered 843 km of I and II class roads in Serbia and were made with the help of the data gathered through the Strategic Maps done in 2015. The document is focused on the measures and actions that need to be undertaken in order to reduce environmental noise levels. It also contains recommendations for keeping noise levels low in the areas where the levels of noise pollution were already deemed as good.
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