Old Sava Bridge Noise and Vibration Study


Project name: Old Sava Bridge Noise and Vibration Study
Project Type: Noise Control, Measurements
Location & year:Belgrade, Serbia, 2021

The Old Sava Bridge is one of four bridge connections for road traffic between the two river banks of Belgrade. It supports pedestrians, cars, and heavy road vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trams.

In 2021 our team finished an all-encompassing study of the Old Sava Bridge and its traffic noise. One of the first tasks in this process was to perform on-site measurements to determine the noise and vibrations that stem from the bridge traffic. Since the trams were identified as the main noise and vibration source, special measurements needed to be done so that we could better understand the problem at hand. With the help of the members of Belgrade's public transport team, a tram was arranged to pass the bridge multiple times at different speeds so that our team could conduct on-site measurements and see the differences that occurred.

The measurement results as well as the characteristics of the bridge construction were thoroughly analyzed through the study, and a noise model was generated in accordance with the gathered data. The study provided alternatives for bridge reconstruction solutions along with sound propagation mitigation measures, with a feasibility and durability analysis for each alternative.