Radio-Television Slovenia


Project name: Radio-Television Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project Type: Audio
Location & year:Serbia, 2021

Studio 26 is the largest and most modern production unit of Radio Slovenia. The history of the studio dates back to the 1980s when it was converted from a studio used for television purposes to meet the needs of large musical ensembles. Due to technological obsolescence and lack of space, a complete renovation of the studio began in 2006. Since 2021 Studio 26 is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital audio system, designed and delivered by Dirigent Acoustics.

Electronically controlled variable acoustics provide excellent conditions for the performance of various genres of musical production, especially a symphony orchestra. Our team successfully designed, delivered and installed Stage Tec Aurus Platinum digital audio system for Studio 26 of Radio Television of Slovenia in Ljubljana. It consists out of:

  1. Stage Tec Aurus Platinum 48 Fader 
  2. Two Stage Tec Nexus Base Devices with:
    • 48 microphone inputs with TrueMatch technology and software 1:4 microphone split, 
    • 48 line level input,
    • 48 line level output,
    • 64 DANTE I/O and
  3. Stage Tec Nexus Star router for control, routing, and digital signal processing.