TAKTONS 2022: The Competition, The Show, The Excellence

TAKTONS 2022: The Competition, The Show, The Excellence

For the first time, the Taktons took place in the new building of RTV Vojvodine.

On October 26th – 29th, 2022 the competition of sound recordings of public services will be held in the new RTV office building in Novi Sad. Along with the competition, the event will host a professional audio equipment exhibition, as well as the Sixth scientific-professional conference in the field of acoustics and audio techniques.

This event is especially dear to us, not only because of its significance to our field of work but also because our CEO Dejan Todorović is one of the co-founders of the conference. The competition aims to gain insight into creative achievements in the field of sound recording in the past two years and to provide a professional evaluation of the technical quality of sound recordings based on uniquely pre-defined subjective and objective parameters. The competition contributes to the promotion of program production and is a challenge to improve the knowledge and skills of program creators of various contents.

Our team at Dirigent Acoustics kindly invites you all to visit this year’s TAKTONS and get to know us a bit better at our exhibition stand!

Yes, we proudly participated in the new building project from the beginning until today, and the story continues. And today, this autumn, we were the general sponsor of the Taktons.

And how was the Taktons this year?

Well, the general sponsor made it great!


Let us start with the exhibition - the booth.

When you enter the new building of RTV, our booth is hugging you 🙂 We met all your senses with the great atmosphere, incredible visuals, magic taste of the finest chocolate, smooth texture of the just-out-the-printing-press brochures, and euphonious sound.

And what could the visitor see and hear at the booth?

@Reinhold Friedrich demonstrate the AVATUS, NEXUS and StageNET to the crowd

How about cutting-edge technology: StageTec AVATUS, NEXUS, and StageNET AV over IP made simple with DirectOut and Audinate #AoIP solutions.

The finest PMC loudspeakers.

DPA, Schoeps and Microtech Gefell microphones.

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Reference SVANTEK SVAN 979 SLM, bestselling SV307A and finest engineering SV200A automatic noise monitoring stations and SoundPLAN software.

Оur in-house development - the world's first large-diaphragm #graphene microphone, graphene MEMS microphone and KSI software.

Commercial and innovation projects with an emphasis on our H2020 RIA BorderUAS project, where we develop the most sophisticated acoustic sensor and Innovation Fund aSTAMIN project.

Impressive. Anything besides the booth?

In RTV Studio 4 on the second floor, we established the most sophisticated audio system: Awesome Stage Tec Aurus audio mixing console with NEXUS and Pyramix and the critical reference PMC8.2 stereo mid-field studio monitors. Furthermore, during the show, we organised in Studio 4 a "hands-on" selection for real gourmands, including the interactive lecture "Role of the reference recordings in music production" with Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade prof. Dejan Pejovic, his assistant Sanja Duricic and the eminence of music production in the region, Mr Voja Aralica.

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Great, congratulations!

Thank you, but ... that's not all.

Is there something more?

Absolutely. We participated in the Sixth International Conference in Acoustic and Audio Engineering with seven papers related to our research.

So this is it... or not?

Not yet. With our partner Stage Tec GmbH, we were awarded the best-rated RTV centre (this year, RTS with five first places) with the cutting-edge portable audio mixing device - Nexus Compact valued at 5.000,00 EUR!

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That is awesome!


Say no more!

I will finish with this. We organised a concert in the Novi Sad City Concert Hall. For all our friends, sound-lovers, in the beautiful concert hall of sumptuous acoustics, designed by our CEO Dejan Todorovic, we hosted a concert with the "Gvardia" Orchestra. Special thanks to Isidor Bajic Music School (director assistant Tatjana Vukmanovic), the City of Pozarevac (mayor assistant Nenad Petrovic) and the "Gvardia" Orchestra (artistic director Teodora Dimitrijevic).

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See you around; some great news will follow in less than a week!

Stay Slaying,

Dirigent Acoustics