Noise Control

Noise propagation is a complex phenomenon that requires the highest level of careful design. For this reason, Dirigent Acoustics uses state-of-the-art software tools and measuring equipment, as well as immense experience and skills to successfully solve the noise problem. We use the best sound and noise modeling software, SoundPLAN, for sound modeling, noise and noise levels in the indoor environment and accurate noise level calculation and noise characteristics. By using the SoundPLAN software, noise measurements in the field and careful design, we have successfully implemented dozens of very complex noise protection projects for industrial plants, traffic noise and noise studies in the environment, as well as a number of noise protection projects for residential and residential/business buildings. The way in which we approach the problem and to which we solve it promises that there is no mistake in realization, which is proved by control measurements, and it is confirmed by the measurements of independent institutions for each of our projects.

So far, we have performed more than 300 noise measurements in the living and working environment, dozens of sound insulation measurements and dozens of measurements of spatial acoustics, numerous measurements of sound systems, etc.

In order to gain a complete insight into the problem of noise, when complex systems are concerned, we use the most advanced measuring methods, including acoustic camera recording:

As proof of the quality of the performed design and implementation of noise protection measures, we always perform measurements with a standardized phonometer in order to prove the efficiency of the applied solutions. In the previous practice, we did not have any objections to our work.