Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is one of the key prerequisites for providing a comfortable life in urban areas. In many projects in which we participated, there were high requirements related to sound insulation. These are mostly exclusive residential buildings and chains of exclusive hotels. In such facilities, it is necessary to provide maximum sound comfort for relaxation in apartments. On the other hand, uninterrupted maintenance of all other facilities should provide complexes of this type, such as spas, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, gyms, etc. On the other hand, any room that requires special acoustic treatment, such as concert halls, cinemas, theatres, music studios, conference rooms, etc., must also have special sound insulation. Our request as a designer of such spaces is that in addition to the project of the room acoustics, it is necessary to do a project of sound insulation to achieve maximum acoustic performance. This case presents a special challenge when several halls in one building, as is the case with cinema complexes, television and radio houses, or conference centres with cinema and concert halls.

And the last types of buildings where sound insulation is important are buildings that produce a lot of noise, such as industrial buildings. For spaces where noise sources are located, the sound insulation of these buildings is an essential factor in reducing noise in the environment. In addition to reducing noise to the surrounding facilities, good sound insulation also enables better work for employees in that facility.

Sound insulation projects must be performed with great precision. It is mandatory to supervise the designer during the execution process to avoid problems that are very difficult to identify and repair after the work has been finished.


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