Services Category: Reaserch and Development

Knauf Sound Insulation (KSI)

Knauf Sound Insulation (KSI) was developed initially in cooperation with KnaufInsulation and Knauf in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The program has also been developed for the needs


Drone Surveying of ACOUSTIC NOISE SOURCES and Implementing in GIS. Consortioum Leader – GeoGis, Belgrade. Main Partner – Institute of Physics, Belgrade


The project will combine for the first time a lighter-than-air UAV with sophisticated surveillance technology.

Graphene Microphone

The Graphene Microphone project was started in cooperation with the Institute of Physics Belgrade. This is one of the first graphene based audio devices (first large membrane microphone) in the world.


Characterizing acoustic noise barriers is a regulatory prerequisite for putting into operation any noise barrier, such as one next to a road, railway or industry.